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Without Vision the People Perish

Written by Admin on October 10th, 2016

Proverbs 29:18 tells us “Where there is no vision, the people perish…”

We know this to be true in the business world.  Companies spend enormous sums of
money every year to craft their mission and vision statements.  They align
their goals and investments with these statements and tailor each employee’s
development plan around attaining the prescribed vision.

We know this is true in politics as well.  We have seen many political campaigns
falter because the candidate failed to communicate a vision to the voters.  To
the contrary, we have seen successful campaigns because the politician cast a
vision for the voters – even if it was a poor or bad one.  The people responded
greatly because they were desperate to hear something.

Consider the need to have a clear vision in leadership.  Think of those heroes
of the past that we admire.  They likely had a vision for what they wanted to
do, even if a short term one, communicated it well to those they were leading,
and then lead their comrades in achieving that vision.  Any John Wayne or war
movies coming to mind?  How about historical characters, such as George
Washington?  They were leaders.

What about at home?  What vision is being cast?  Who is leading the home?  Men –
are you feeling that spotlight glaring down on you?  You should, because God has
put it on you – on us.

How are we leading our families, our churches, our communities?  Whether we like it or not,we are leading – it’s just a matter of
where…  A simple look around our society, our churches, and our families
reveals that we have clearly been “leading” in the wrong direction.  God
has given us a greater calling (1 Peter 2:9).

Will you step up? Rather, will you bow down and humbly seek God’s guidance in
developing a vision for your family?  Will you jump in there and run the race
with your other brothers in Christ that are striving to lead their families and

Come join us at Wellsprings as we endeavor to Build the Family, Build the Body,
and Build the Kingdom!

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