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About our Services

One of the most difficult challenges to finding a new church home or like-minded body of believers is determining what the services are actually like.

Here are a few things you will find at Wellsprings:

Family Integrated Format:

We keep families together and are not age-segregated to where the littlest ones are shipped off to nursery, primary schoolers are corralled in Children’s Church, young people in Youth Group and whoever is left over attends “regular church.” Instead we all worship together as a family, as the body of Christ. Sure, there may be some logistical and child-training challenges with this approach, but we feel that the rewards of attending church together outweigh the rest. Never been to a family integrated church? See the FAQ for more specifics on the “how-to’s.”

Multiple Teachers

The Elders share all duties in regards to the governance of Wellsprings, including teaching. The Elders plan the teaching schedule in advance and then participate in a rotation of who will teach each week. The benefit to this approach is that each teacher brings a slightly different perspective, teaching styles, spiritual, life and/or educational background to the message which can then appeal to the diversity within the congregation itself.


Although worship is certainly not limited to the musical form of worship, those who are seeking to find a new church home often ask what our “worship” style is like. We have church members who attend from a variety of backgrounds. Some are more conservative and familiar mostly or exclusively with hymns. Some are from more Pentecostal backgrounds and are used to a more modern approach and free expression including raising hands, clapping, etc. While we do not subscribe that either approach is technically the “correct” or appropriate form of worship, we choose to worship our Lord with God-honoring songs and our hearts turned toward Him and not focus on what particular manner or expression that needs to take. (See FAQs for more detailed explanations on music)

Shared Meal

Twice a month, we share a meal together as a church family after the service. This is a special time of fellowship where we can visit with friends old and new, get to know each other better and enjoy each others company as a family of believers. (See FAQ for more detailed explanations of Shared Meal).

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