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Church Model

We have a few ways in which our model affects how we function as a church.

Here are some highlights:

  • Age-Integrated. When our church comes together on Sunday mornings, it is a family reunion. Each family has been out all week living the gospel, and we come together to be encouraged, equipped, and challenged. We do not age-segregate our families when they come together. Rather, we worship (in song, prayer, communion, teaching) as one, from the youngest to the oldest, from smaller households of one to larger households of 5, 10 or more! (yes, we have some large families J)
  • Non-Programmed. We are essentially non-programmed; this means that we don’t have Sunday School, Children’s Church, Youth Group, or other types of formal programs throughout the week that take family members away from their obligations at home. As necessary, we do have meetings for men, or women, or families; but we strive to keep these limited. Primarily, the family is our program! When the family is functioning properly, it frees the church to focus on the essentials of faith: teaching, praying, strengthening and caring for the body.
  • Powered By Families and For Families. By design, we rent a facility for our services and keep administrative expenses to a minimum. It’s not that we’re absolutely opposed to owning a building, but by renting, we free a large portion of our funds for meeting the needs of the families in our body. To achieve this, families are encouraged to get involved in “productive fellowship” – both in helping out with the necessary tasks involved with holding a church service (set up, clean up, etc) and by assisting each other with household needs as well (ex: helping families move, build a fence, repair a roof, etc).   The rewards of this approach are many: a sense of community, teaching our children that “many hands make light work” and the opportunity to serve each other.
  • Sharing Life. Twice a month, following our service, the entire congregation gathers to share a meal and fellowship with one another. This is a celebration, a reunion of sorts, where we have the opportunity to share our lives. Even when we don’t gather to share a meal on Sundays, we encourage families to continue to fellowship through hospitality and inviting one another into their homes.

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