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Leadership Model

  • The Team of Elders. If you were to visit Wellsprings on several occasions, you might find it difficult to figure just who is in charge. This is because Wellsprings does not hold to the typical church structure which usually includes a senior pastor, several subordinates and gophers, and possibly an oversight committee that is often overlooked.Instead, Wellsprings adheres to the Biblical model of a team (plurality) of male elders. The church belongs to Christ, and the elders are his undershepherds, responsible to God for the direction, care, and growth of the families God has placed them over.

    The term elder is synonymous with the term pastor.  However, pastor refers to the function (imperative), while elder refers to the office (indicative).  While some churches have elders who function as administrators and pastors who function as ministers, every elder at Wellsprings is a pastor/teacher. These elders are supported by deacons who assist with administrative elements as well as benevolence and ministry to the families in the body.

  • Bi-Vocational. Having a team of elders as opposed to a single pastor also assists us in another unique approach to leadership. All of the leadership of Wellsprings is bi-vocational.This means that none of them draw all of their personal resources from the church. We believe that by delegating all ministry to paid “professionals,” the church has, in general, weakened the foundational institution of the family. Specifically, the “professional” leadership model also can weaken men in their roles as spiritual heads of their households. Put simply, we want to lead by example. So our leaders at Wellsprings have jobs like everyone else and strive to lead their families just like everyone else should.

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