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Leadership Team

You may be saying, “Seriously… “Where is the pastor?” or “Who’s really in charge?”

The answer, as far as we’re concerned, is God.

However, we do currently have a team of elders, all of whom are equal in authority. They each share the responsibility of preaching, teaching, pastoral ministry and fill various roles with regard to the general oversight and functions of the church.


Bret Kendall

It has been quite a journey! My family of six have traversed many “mountains” in our following of the Lord Jesus Christ. Having grown up in the church and being involved in a variety of ministries over the years I have come to a conclusion that sums up the journey: Christ is all and all! We are merely His earthen vessel to fill as He sees fit for His own purposes.

We are extremely blessed that God has called us to be a part of this church family and privileged to be able to serve as an elder. Over the past several years I have been learning that besides being a follower of Christ, my highest calling is to be a godly husband and father. At Wellsprings, I am continually encouraged to lead and serve God alongside my family rather than apart from them. In fact, by being involved in my labors, my children see firsthand the joy of serving Christ and how to love His church.

Our goal is to see the Kingdom of God advanced first through individuals, then families, then churches, and finally communities. May God use me as He sees fit to this end!

Kelly Miller

As an elder of Wellsprings church, my greatest passion is that God be glorified. I pray that he would us me to teach men to lead their families in a manner that is most glorifying to God, and where they are most satisfied in Him. I believe with great conviction that Godly families are the key element in the expansion of God’s kingdom. I believe that we are called to raise Godly seed, to disciple our children and cultivate in them a love for God and a heart for the lost. I also believe that if men will love God and lead their families, and stand against the wickedness of our culture, our families will not only have opportunity to share the gospel, but our families will be the gospel.

Today, with Amy, my incredible wife of more than 20 years, we are raising our 10 children in South Nampa. We enjoy homeschooling, gardening, cooking, experimenting with farm life, reading, building, and spending time together as a family. Most of all, we love serving the Church. Whether it is through worship, teaching, productive fellowship, or hospitality, we feel so blessed to be a part of what God is doing at Wellsprings and to be surrounded by so many God-loving and God-fearing families.

David Barrett

Bio under construction


Presently, we also have Deacons who assist the elders in the ministry of the church.

Dustin Davis

Dustin is married to Leia and father to 6 blessings! (Remainder of bio coming soon)

Jeff Huter

Jeff is married to Diann and is enjoying being a devoted grandfather to four little blessings who also happen to attend Wellsprings along with their parents.


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We understand that, on our website, we can’t answer every question you may have regarding Wellsprings Church or even about the Family Integrated Church model. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have about the ministry here.

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